The golf courses of Bordeaux and its region

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Golf lovers, take advantage of a stay in Bordeaux to discover the superb greens of the Gironde metropolis! Bordeaux and its region have 8 golf courses. All of them have their charm and their assets among which the smell of pines, the hills, the vineyards and the offer proposed to improve your technique, whether you are a beginner, a perfectionist or an experienced golfer.

To guide you in your choice, we have interviewed the Bordeaux instagrammer Yasmine or Yasyouss from Instagram, for whom golf has become a passion for the last 5 years.

HBEO : “Hello Yasmine, how many times a week do you play golf?
Yasmine : “Three times a week, especially in Pessac.”

Les golfs de Bordeaux - Pessac

Golf de Pessac

HBEO : “Among the 8 golf courses in the Bordeaux area, which one is your favorite?”
Yasmine : “The Médoc Golf Course and, in particular, the Parcours des Vignes.”

HBEO : “Why this course specifically?”
Yasmine : “It’s the quality of the maintenance of the course as well as its varied and wooded design that I like. Part of it is done in the forest, rich in different species. We play by breathing in the smell of the trees. The greens are big and fast, it’s a very pleasant place to play.” 

HBEO : “Could you rank the 5 best golf courses in the Bordeaux area in order of preference according to you?”
Yasmine : “The Golf du Médoc; the Bordeaux Lac Golf Course; the Pessac Golf Course, mainly for the training area; the Bordeaux Golf Course, for its garden side; and finally, the Teynac Golf Course, located in the heart of the Entre Deux Mers.”

HBEO : “What criteria guided you in making this ranking?”
Yasmine : “First of all, the maintenance, then the quality of the greens and finally the beauty of the course.”

HBEO : “What do you think should be the primary quality of a golf course?”
Yasmine : “Its “Greenkeeper”… (NDLD: A golf course steward, often referred to as a “greenkeeper” in Anglicism, is a person responsible for the maintenance of a golf course or grassed playing surface. Sources: Wikipedia) 

HBEO : “Conversely, what inconvenience, lack or defect would make you choose not to go to a golf course?”
Yasmine : “The lack of a practice area is problematic and, of course, poor course maintenance.”

HBEO : “Generally speaking, do you have any areas for improvement or development that you would like to propose to the golf courses in the Bordeaux area?”
Yasmine : “Yes, certainly. A system of childcare and the opening of the bar restaurant in the evening in the summer, to eat after the last departure 😉

HBEO : “Thank you Yasmine for your helpful testimonial for golfers and club managers.”
Yasmine : “Thank you for listening.”


Addresses of the golf courses mentioned in this interview for information: 

  • Golf du Médoc, Chemin de Courmateau, 33290 Le Pian-Médoc
  • Golf Bluegreen de Bordeaux Lac, avenue de Pernon, 33000 Bordeaux
  • Golf Bluegreen de Pessac, rue de la Princesse, 33600 Pessac
  • Le Golf Bordelais, 9 allée Arago, 33000 Bordeaux
  • Golf de Teynac, domaine de Teynac, 33750 Beychac et Caillau

Other golf course located nearby:

  • UGOLF de Villenave d’Ornon, 43 avenue Mirieu de Labarre, 33140 Villenave d’Ornon (open since 2018)

Golf de La Méjane Lacanau


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